Hometown Label Savers

Save labels for cash to support your favorite Hometown non-profit organizations!

Together, We Can Make A Difference

Raise cash for Hometown organizations—eligible schools, churches, or non-profits—simply by saving original UPC barcode labels from eligible IGA Exclusive Brand products*.

It’s as easy as…

Step 1: Register your school or tax-exempt organization or check to see if your organization is already registered.

Step 2: Save original UPC barcodes from eligible IGA Exclusive Brand products for proof of purchase. Your organization will earn $50.00 cashfor each bundle of 500 original UPC labels sent to us with a label redemption form.

Step 3: Make a difference! Your organization is free to spend toward organizational needs!

*Excludes gift cards, products packaged in aluminum, store-made products, fresh meat products and products without a UPC code beginning in 041270.

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